An extract from a Judgement made by a District Judge at Bournemouth Crown and County Court… 2014

“However, I want at this stage to pay the highest possible tribute to the professionalism of the interpreter, Philip Hatch-Barnwell. He has been conspicuously helpful to the Court and, seemingly, tireless in helping everyone in extracting from the Mother answers to questions which were quite properly and clearly put but with which she appeared to struggle. This judgment may not reach him in full, although it might, but I hope that the respective solicitors will pass on my thanks and admiration to him.”

Metropolitan Police – Language Services… 2007


I am in receipt of a report from DC Helen Hamilton of the Sapphire Unit at Notting Hill Police Station (BS), regarding your contribution, as an interpreter, to a long and protracted rape enquiry. Your assistance has been remarked upon in the most glowing terms with particular reference to your support to the investigating officers.

It is always a pleasure to receive positive feed-back from the service-users particularly as such observations are only rarely volunteered. The Language Services branch is delighted to pass on the thanks of the SOIT team at BS and to add the report to your personal record”.

Signed: Marina Ahmed-Bormann (Head of Language Services)


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