Senior Magistrate and Her Majesty’s Coroner

Stanley, The Falkland Islands May 2021

Philip Hatch – Barnwell provided us with an excellent service. E mails were responded to promptly, he was efficient in his management of time, his translating was clearly proficient, and he was quick to understand the nature of the translating skills required.

March 2021:

This is an email received by the Language and Cultural Services – Operations, MO11 – Operational Support Services, 1st Floor Sir John Stevens Building, Hendon Peel Centre, NW9 5JE from a Police Officer serving in the Metropolitan Police:

Dear Philip,

We have received some positive feedback relating a recent deployment of yours. Please see the comments below from one of our serving Police Officers:

Dear Language and Cultural Services,

Good Afternoon

I would like to take this opportunity to mention the good work of Mr Philip Hatch-Barnwell.  He assisted me on 08/03/2021 with a visually recorded interview.

I was grateful and impressed with his professionalism, he was efficient and this allowed the process to achieve the desired objective.

I would appreciate if this could be acknowledged and I hope my feedback will assist you for your records.

Thank you for facilitating the process of booking an interpreter for my case.


LCS Customer Services

March 2021

This comment was sent to me by email after as assignment with the Avon and Somerset Police Trinity Road Police Station, Response Team 4

“Thank you very much for your help – you made everything very easy for us!”

September 2018

Extract from two emails sent to me after an Asylum case from a senior professor at a leading UK university:

First email: 

I know J was so so so grateful for the work you did interpreting for him – he said you were extremely kind to him.  I think having such a brilliant interpreter made what was a very stressful and anxious ordeal more comfortable.  J has had bad experiences in the past of interpreters employed by the home office, and he was so happy to have had you with him

Second email: 

And…. GREAT NEWS….  J won his appeal!!!!!

I am so so so happy for him.  But I really think without you he would not have done it.


Mention in dispatches in the Association of Police and Court Interpreters’ Newsletter March 2018

You might like to know that member Philip Hatch-Barnwell (Indonesian) has received the following commendation from His Honour Judge Ticehurst in the Crown Court at Taunton:

Please scroll down to see what was said….

So our congratulations go to Philip on bringing credit to APCI and to the profession as a whole.

Email from a Barrister, Oxford Chambers to Philip H-B. 2018

At Coventry Family Court

“The judge asked us to thank you for your work yesterday – she said you had shown great competence and ability in a difficult case and that you had been very helpful to the court”.

“For my part I’m very grateful for your patience during a difficult process”.

Sent from the Falkland Islands – a two day flight away from the UK

Philip has translated for us several times in Court cases connected with deaths on distant and foreign ships sailing the world and the Southern Oceans.
That requires not only the highest standard of competence but also the highest standard of integrity.  Philip has fulfilled both requirements with flying colours.
Additionally we are in different time zones, he made himself available at all hours and turned around the official paperwork speedily. He knows what’s necessary and gets it right. A less obvious but a nevertheless important quality, despite having to work via video link, he was a reassuring presence for witnesses, who were unused and, frankly frightened of Court proceedings. He managed this even when translating on the video link but whilst maintaining his strict role as an expert. There must be something in his tone and expertise, which you either have or don’t have. He has it.

We’ll use him in the future whenever we have need.’

Falkland Islands Senior Magistrate. 2018

Comment by Gill Miller of Lex Lingua Translations30 years in the business specialising in Legal, Insurance, Shipping, Finance and Banking. Based in the City of London and in Kent….

Philip Hatch-Barnwell and Lex Lingua Translations go back many years of professionally executed and successful interpreting assignments covering many subjects ranging from very sensitive issues to those of a technical nature.

Gill Miller – 2018

Commendation of Mr Philip Hatch-Barnwell by His Honour Judge Ticehurst, Taunton Crown Court… 2018

“I am going to retire now but before I do I’m going to commend Mr Hatch-Barnwell. It’s perhaps unusual for an interpreter to be commended.

Courts I know in the past have been very critical of some of the interpreters who have turned up and the service that is provided.

I think that you have provided an exceptional service, it’s a real credit to you and I think you should be commended.

It’s a thankless task, it’s a difficult task but to cope with the difficulties in this particular case in the exemplary way that you have is a real credit to you and I think that should be noted. And those for whom you work should be told. So thank you very much indeed.”

Alistair Cobb, Consultant Surgeon for Cleft Maxillofacial South West Cleft Team, Bristol Dental Hospital… for Philip Hatch-Barnwell 2017

“Brilliant! Really impressive skills, calm and clear in translating between all of us. Very impressed!”

An extract from a Judgement made by His Honour District Judge Willis at Bournemouth Crown and County Court2014

“However, I want at this stage to pay the highest possible tribute to the professionalism of the interpreter, Philip Hatch-Barnwell. He has been conspicuously helpful to the Court and, seemingly, tireless in helping everyone in extracting from the Mother answers to questions which were quite properly and clearly put but with which she appeared to struggle. This judgment may not reach him in full, although it might, but I hope that the respective solicitors will pass on my thanks and admiration to him.”

Jacob Reeves Solicitors, Poole, Dorset.

Philip Hatch-Barnwell assisted Jacob Reeves in a very sensitive and difficult family case lasting eighteen months. His assistance was invaluable.
Philip worked tirelessly and sensitively both in Court and in the many consultations with Counsel.
Philip is very conscientious, dedicated and a formidable player, and we, the client had the advantage of working with a consummate professional who worked to a very high standard.
Helen Davies – Solicitor with Jacob Reeves –  2014

Metropolitan Police – Language Services2007 for Philip Hatch-Barnwell


I am in receipt of a report from DC Helen Hamilton of the Sapphire Unit at Notting Hill Police Station (BS), regarding your contribution, as an interpreter, to a long and protracted rape enquiry. Your assistance has been remarked upon in the most glowing terms with particular reference to your support to the investigating officers.

It is always a pleasure to receive positive feed-back from the service-users particularly as such observations are only rarely volunteered. The Language Services branch is delighted to pass on the thanks of the SOIT team at BS and to add the report to your personal record”.

Signed: Marina Ahmed-Bormann (Head of Language Services)

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